Educational visits for school groups

Come and visit the largest single-site geothermal power plant in the world!

Students are welcome to the Geothermal exhibition.  We offer a guided tour through the exhibition, specially adjusted for our younger audience. Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore the exhibition further on their own. Quick facts:

  • At Hellisheiði Power Plant, we extract energy from volcanoes
  • 90% of Icelandic households enjoy geothermal heating (no coal and no oil)
  • Hellisheiði plant alone produces about half of Iceland's domestic electricity
  • ON Power is installing infrastructure for electric cars with fast-charging stations all around Iceland.
  • Groundbreaking innovations are changing CO2 into basalt


All tours are a great way to learn and experience how we produce green energy from nature.

Normally we are quite busy in the mornings from 9:00-11:00.


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"This is a must visit"

The visit was very educational and the guides made it even more interesting. I enjoyed the exhibition but I “loved” just to be there, hear the sound of the steam, smell the Sulphur, feel the power from underneath my feet, see the turbine hall, feel the power of an earthquake. 

Caroline, 17 years old from UK

Such an interesting place to take your school group and learn everything about renewable energy. If you care for the future of our planet at all. This is a must visit.  

William, teacher from the US